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We live to make your fans happy.


Blind Chihuahua is developing a virtual concert/social platform that transports the fan into a music lover's universe, fully interactively. Built in Unreal Engine it immerses the user as a customized avatar into the concert, giving them the ability to dance and participate using webcam motion capture, with no wearables necessary.


The platform will be available on all devices that host Chrome web browsers. We do not restrict interactive access to only those with PC's or gaming consoles. Blind Chihuahua Virtual is available for any fan that has a stable internet connection.


We broadcast the artist into the 3D concert space, capturing the performance with cameras and full production audio, so the fan gets the full live performance, the artist is always real, we value the performance and the fan experience above all else.


Blind Chihuahua is developing bringing users into real live concerts and festivals, using virtual production techniques and 3D graphics that will transport fans and their friends into the show, with the best seat in the house (or on clouds, floating above the crowd).


If you'd like to chat about partnerships or featuring your artist on our platform, or you'd just like to know more about what we're up to, please reach out to, we'd love to talk to you.


Blind Chihuahua loves to capture the excitement of shows.  We are currently pausing our traditional 2D video livestreaming activities while we work on a virtual concert platform that is fully interactive on any device with Chrome, where you can enjoy your artists while being in a lovely 3D digital environment dancing and singing as your own customisable avatar.